Thursday, May 31, 2007

i was a teen poet

the other night my favourite lover read the poetry i wrote and had published in voiceworks when i was 16 and 17. cringey in the most teenage way and yet there was something not so bad and a tiny bit cute about letting E see a little bit of the gawky, self-obsessed kid that i was and still am a bit.

Thinking about the fact that I used to think i could write (such teen bravado!) also set me thinking about what would have happened if i'd taken up my theatre studies place at QUT.

It nearly did my head in actually, as i sat there trying to transform 6000 words of ramble and blocks of quotes into 3000 words of political analysis... i truly couldn't remember why it was that I wasn't fluffing around at some theatre event quaffing bubbly and calling people darling.

So what would i be like if i'd gone down the theatre studies path... maybe pretentious and a little bit dumb? Perhaps i have been saved from embarrassment even greater than that induced by my my voiceworks poems. But arguably this blog is pretty embarrassing already and despite multiple firm resolutions to delete myself. or at least to edit the low(est) points, here I am again.

Actually i might go now. Time to take this snotty body to bed. apologies for a rambly odd post to those random readers who might find yourselves here. Maybe I just wanted to try and write a blog post while i wasn't feeling particularly angry or depressed.