Tuesday, July 18, 2006

i had an optometrist appointment this morning cause i'm getting new glasses. however i'm quite concerned that i got my eyes tested before i'd had a coffee. was i more bleary eyed than usual? also, he didn't seem as thorough as the nice man who tested my eyes in st kilda two years ago. shit man. also, another frightening thing happened this morning. i was eating esther's marmalade with sour cream on rye bread. which was odd but perhaps not totally frightening. then i wrote about this on charlotte's myspace and then about an hour later, esther texted me to inform she had heard about my eating of the sour cream with mandarin marmalade from her workmate. this freaks me out. this makes me think i need to tell the interweb less stuff about me. also, i wrote somewhere, i think on myspace that i was hungry for violent penetration and later thought better of this, but now i can't remember, or find where i wrote this and thus have been prevented from removing said, slightly, overly, intimate information about my sexual desire. eek. i hate the interweb.

Monday, July 10, 2006

vale valerie

for those of you in ignorance, two weeks ago I had three chickens. now I have two. and what happened in between? valerie died, that's what. and i apologise for not telling you sooner. I am so sorry and have been soundly admonished regarding this matter by shannon. valerie was a small stripy pullet, not quite point of lay and she was mark's favourite. Personally, i felt fairly ambivalent about her big yellow feet and legs but i did like her stripy feathers. I guess the most important thing you should know about Valerie is that she had pluck. she was a plucky little chicken who pulled through some hard times, specifically, the time her eyes were all swollen and weeping puss and i had to ride to lort smith with her in my pannier bags. poor little muffin was so sick she barely cared about having anti-biotics squirted down her throat. Then she grew stronger and started to object to the antibiotics but dan and i barely cared she was being a stroppy little so and so. we were just glad she was getting better. but not better enough. sadly, valerie's immune system must have been depleted because she developed a sniffle and woke up dead one morning. stiff and cold in the hay. the end.