Wednesday, April 19, 2006

say no to me, i'm gagging for it.

well, because i haven't really told anyone that I'm writing this I figure I can confess something in the abstract. I am perverse, not just perverted. and when women say they're not going to sleep with me, it seems like that's when I really do become totally and utterly obsessed... with making them sleep with me of course.
and to think that i saved that gem above as a draft! In hindsight, I would like to say every word I typed is pure gold and absolutely true. In other news, also below the belt, I think I may have to begin the calendar-tracking of my bleeding in relation to libido. In fact, now I wonder if it was the rejection that turned me on, or was it about one month ago that I first started writing this!? Take note, all ye who would fuck me, many as you are, I'm sure- get me on the week beginning the 20th or thereabouts. (That last sentence is a grammatical nightmare!) But to return to my long-frustrated plan... the idea is to record the state of my libido on each little calendar square, perhaps with a little pictogram of my face? I fully expect a patten to emerge to confirm all my sneaking suspicions that, in fact I am just a disgusting biological mass of squirting bodily fluids, completely at the mercy of fluctuating hormonal levels. I'm a walking womb! Oh, I think I need to shower.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

a debacle and a half

so i started this silliness because i wanted to post a comment on Tom Cho's blog. but now i doubt i can go back. perhaps i will overcome my shyness in a moment and think of something worthy of interweb fame... but right now i'm going to clean up the mess I made in the kitchen and try and pretend like i didn't just eat most of a cheap packet of little easter eggs... somebody said today, 'happy man on a stick day' and i liked that a lot.